New Publication: Augmented Education in the Global Age

Augmented Education in the Global Age: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Learning and Work is an edited collection that explores the social impact of Artificial Intelligence over the coming decades, specifically how this emerging technology will transform and disrupt our contemporary institutions. Chapters in this book discuss the history of technological revolutions and consider the anxieties and social challenges of lost occupations, as well as the evolution of new industries overlapping robotics,

Kelly Shiohira and Wayne Holmes authored Chapter 8: Proceed with Caution. The Pitfalls and Potential of AI and Education. The arguments for the integration of AI into education are multiple and multifaceted. AI has permeated everyday life, and there is a growing number of AI-assisted educational technologies being implemented in classrooms worldwide. Like any tool, AI can be used to improve or to harm society. From a humanistic perspective, citizens need to understand their roles and rights with respect to AI, recognize when they are unfairly disadvantaged by AI and know the avenues of recourse, and above all become conscientious users of AI products - particularly AI products designed for education.

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