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Navigating JET Human Resources: A Conversation with Cleopatra Morudu

Human Resources plays an important role in shaping the dynamics of an organisation. Cleopatra Morudu, the Human Resource General Manager at JET, embodies the essence of this role, steering the HR unit with expertise and dedication. In this staff profiling discussion, Cleo sheds light on her role, passions, involvement, and the evolving landscape of HR at JET.

Cleo’s journey at JET commenced on the 12th of February 2018, and since then, she has grown within her roles and the organisation. Her responsibilities span across all parts of HR, overseeing operations and strategies. With a background in Industrial Psychology, coupled with her expertise in HR and industrial matters, Cleo’s passion lies in a commitment to ensure JET's compliance while nurturing its organisational culture. HR, in her view, serves as the conscience of the organisation, fostering an environment where people thrive. Beyond her professional life, Cleo is passionate about sports and supporting those around her.

Cleo is involved in various roles at JET, from leading the Business Enterprise and Empowerment (BEE) programme to serving on the Remanco board committee, she’s at the forefront of strategic HR initiatives. Through recruitment and engagement initiatives, she ensures that the organisation attracts, recruits and retains the best talent while nurturing a cohesive culture. Cleo’s involvement in strategic planning reflects JET’s commitment to adaptability and growth.

Cleo’s pride in JET’s achievements resonates deeply, for her working at JET embodies a sense of purpose and contribution to society and this dedication is reflected in JET’s impact on its beneficiaries and communities. Lastly, Cleo’s journey at JET epitomises the transformative power of strategic HR practices and commitment to organisational growth guided by a vision of inclusivity, innovation, and impact.

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