NEW PUBLICATION: PSET Scenarios 2021-2030

Since 2018, JET Education Services (JET) and the Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services SETA (merSETA) have been exploring the possibility of an integrated and interoperable digital ecosystem for the post-school education and training (PSET) sector. This has resulted in an initiative entitled PSET CLOUD (Collaboration and Learning Opportunities and utilisation of Data). 

Reos Partners, in partnership with JET and the merSETA, have published a guide on scenarios to align skills supply and demand through interoperable data platforms. The four scenarios offer alternative possible trajectories into the future as a provocation, inviting you to expand your ideas about how the current situation might evolve. We hope that doing so will help you discern what you may need to anticipate.

The strategic implications of these scenarios can be explored in response to the specific questions any of us in the PSET sector are asking about the future. In the partnership between JET and the merSETA, we were asking about the future alignment of skills demand and supply. More than that, we wanted to test our contention that interoperable data platforms will support better alignment of skills demand and supply. You can read more about our interoperability initiative, the PSET CLOUD (Collaboration and Learning Opportunities and Utilisation of Data) project in section 3 of this Guide or by downloading the publication produced by the JET–merSETA partnership: Unlocking the Power of Data: A review of the state of readiness of the Post-School Education and Training sector in South Africa for enhanced data interoperability. The international review, Interoperable Data Ecosystems: An international review to inform a South African innovation is also available for download.


Download PSET SCENARIOS 2021-2030



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