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JET joins The EDSAFE AI Industry Council

The EDSAFE AI Industry Council is made up of leading education and technology companies of all sizes committed to ensuring artificial intelligence and related technologies – in their own companies’ solutions and across the education landscape – are safe, accountable, fair, and effective (SAFE).

Members of the Industry Council inform, support, and advocate for smart, EDSAFE-aligned public policy and principles; participate in knowledge sharing; and, help equip the adoption of SAFE technologies in collaboration with other Steering Committee groups. Industry Council members do NOT pay fees to participate. The Industry Council is currently chaired by Karl Rectanus, an industry veteran.

About the EDSAFE AI Alliance and the SAFE Framework:
The work of the EDSAFE AI Alliance centers on the SAFE Benchmarks Framework. The framework creates a policy process and roadmap for the essential issues in creating a SAFE AI ecosystem. The framework was built starting in 2021 and brings together more than 24 global AI safety, trust and market frameworks. Frameworks and benchmarks are essential to innovation as a means of targeted guidance, focusing disparate efforts towards shared language, objectives, and outcomes and ensuring the development of appropriate guidelines and guardrails for use.

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