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JET has been appointed by the Department of Higher Education and Training as management body of a new multiyear initiative to improve primary teacher education. The appointment was announced by Dr Whitty Green at the National Seminar in Pretoria in March this year. The DHET has selected JET for this role given our involvement in the Initial Teacher Education Research Programme (ITERP) over the last six years. 

JET has been tasked with responsibility for the overall management and coordination of the programme. This will entail:

  • Being the ‘engine room’ for the programme – JET will hold things together and ensure that projects are kept on track;
  • Providing both intellectual and technical guidance to subject-based working groups (WGs) and cross-cutting working groups (CCWGs); •Coordinating activities across the WGs and CCWGs to ensure effective and efficient implementation in order to meet the deliverables of the projects, ensure integration across projects, minimise potential duplication and ensure that projects get the technical assistance they need.
  • Organising the annual dialogue event for the programme;
  • Providing quarterly reports on project implementation to the National Advisory Committee and annual reports to the DHET;
  • Acting as secretariat to the National Advisory Committee.


Nick Taylor of the JET Research and Planning Division and Carla Pereira, JET Strategic Programme Officer, are the JET staff responsible for management of the programme.

More information will soon be available. 

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