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JET Annual Report 2022

We thank our many funders, partners and clients for walking this road with us as we remain committed to our vision of improving the quality of education. Since our beginning in 1992 as the Joint Education Trust, formed through a partnership of business, civil society, political parties and trade unions, JET has focused on transforming education for those who were politically, economically and educationally disadvantaged by the consequences of the apartheid system.

In the words of Nelson Mandela, whose legacy we honour today on Nelson Mandela Day:
We welcomed the formation of the Joint Education Trust in 1992 ... which has facilitated a practical programme within a common vision for peace, prosperity and opportunity for all South Africans. - President Nelson Mandela’s speech at the Joint Education Trust Annual Review on 29 March 1996, Johannesburg.

The JET of today works through evidence-based knowledge interventions, collaboration with the public and private sectors and the use of technological infrastructure to turn challenges into solutions, resulting in improved education quality, particularly for disadvantaged communities.

We remain committed to transforming the education systems in South Africa and Africa through evidence-based research, solid implementation and credible evaluations. This task is a marathon and not a sprint, and the vision of January 1992 still burns strongly. - Nathan Johnstone, Chairperson of the JET Board.

To see highlights of our extraordinary year, download the JET Annual Report 2022 here

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