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Nick Taylor writes about the language and thinking skills of student teachers entering initial teacher education programmes and what newly qualified teachers face when they enter schools on the other side of the chalk face.

Taylor, N. 2016. Thinking, language and learning in initial teacher education. Perspectives in Education, 34(1): 10-26

Lynne Bowie and Yvonne Reed discuss the courses in mathematics and English offered to student teachers by the five universities that the ITERP studied. Their article suggests that examples of excellent curriculum design and implementation exist, but that none of the universities in the study were fully addressing the challenges of teaching and learning faced in diverse intermediate phase classrooms in South Africa. 

Bowie, L, Reed, Y. 2016. How much of what? An analysis of the espoused and enacted mathematics and English curricula for intermediate phase student teachers at five South African universities. Perspectives in Education, 34(1): 102-119.


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