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Exploring Pinky Magau's experiences at JET.

This is Pinky Magau's 12th year of working at JET, and she has learned a lot from her experience with the organisation and the projects she has been involved in. Over the years, she has grown along with the organisation.

Pinky is a Senior Projects Coordinator at JET and is currently working on the Anglo-American South Africa Education programme and the PrimTEd project. Her responsibilities include overseeing the Operations of all the projects that are part of the AASA programme, including managing budgets. Pinky also provides support to Nick Taylor on PrimTEd by preparing financial reports and handling logistics. She enjoys being involved in the projects’ financial operations as she is passionate about financial management.

Pinky is an accredited Early Learning Outcomes Measure (ELOM) assessor and has been involved in conducting assessments for AASA’s early childhood development (ECD) programmes. She is currently working towards acquiring a degree in Project Management, mainly to complement her diploma in Project Management acquired many years ago.

During her visit to the Northern Cape to conduct an ELOM assessment for the AASA programme she was deeply moved by the appreciation shown by the teachers and principals of the ECD centres and schools involved in the projects. This experience solidified her belief that JET has a positive impact on the education sector. Despite spending most of her time working in the office, witnessing the improvement and transformation that JET and its partners bring to schools in disadvantaged communities always brings her joy.

Pinky asserts that the projects under the AASA programme encompass all JET units, facilitating collaboration among the units. She takes pride in her role as a member of the JET staff, noting that the organisation consistently strives to enhance the education sector in South Africa through comprehensive research, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation. Pinky advocates for JET's sustained engagement in the education sector, urging the organisation to persevere in its pursuit of impactful initiatives.

Outside of work, Pinky is passionate about making a positive impact on the lives of youth from disadvantaged backgrounds. She is involved in various community initiatives aimed at helping young people navigate their careers and achieve their life goals.

Pinky enjoys working at JET because it aligns with her mission to improve the lives of children and youth from disadvantaged backgrounds, believing that this can bring about a positive impact in the country.

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