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Embracing a culture of innovation and continuous improvement: An interview with Pamela Khuzwayo

Pamela Khuzwayo, is a research intern at JET within the Education Management, Implementation, and Innovation unit. She has a Master of Science degree and brings passion and dedication to her work. She focuses on research initiatives aimed at transforming educational practices, particularly in underprivileged communities. In an interview with Pamela, she shares insights into her role, projects, and aspirations within JET.

As a research intern, Pamela is deeply involved in supporting the unit's goals through research work. Her responsibilities range from conducting comprehensive literature reviews and fieldwork to data analysis and report writing. Working closely with her team, Pamela's passion lies in making a tangible difference in previously disadvantaged communities. With a commitment to leveraging her academic background for social good, she is dedicated to implementing research initiatives that empower individuals and uplift communities. Her goal is to create impactful outcomes through innovative educational programs, sustainable development projects, and other avenues.

At JET, Pamela is involved in several significant projects aimed at utilising technology to enhance educational experiences. One notable initiative is the MRP Hammarsdale Foundation Phase Programme, which focuses on introducing technology to improve learners' academic performances. Similarly, the AASA-Eduten AI Programme and the Debswana Education Programme aim to bridge gaps in access to quality education and empower both educators and learners with innovative tools.

Pamela's journey at JET has been marked by numerous highlights, she has been actively engaged in cutting-edge AI projects focused on the foundation phase of education, learning from experienced colleagues, and contributing to impactful interventions in the education landscape.

Looking ahead, Pamela envisions a future where JET embraces a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. She advocates for the development of proprietary materials, content, and training modules to enhance the effectiveness of interventions. By fostering a culture of experimentation and learning from failures, Pamela believes JET can further its mission of driving positive change in education.

Pamela takes pride in JET's remarkable achievements, particularly in implementing impactful educational interventions. One standout accomplishment is the successful implementation of a remote learner support program for pupils in isolated communities, which has significantly improved matric examination results. With a focus on innovation and continuous improvement, Pamela is poised to shape the future of education at JET and beyond.

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