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Digital Credentialing: Implications for the recognition of learning across borders.

Digital technologies are creating new opportunities and challenges for skills development and recognition globally. While significant attention is being given to the impact of technology on jobs and demand for skills, and the risks of competition between robots and humans, less has been said about the opportunities that advances in digital technology will create for transforming education and training systems, including building new credentialing methods and systems that can capture, recognize and validate a broader range of learning outcomes in the era of lifelong learning.  This report considers these changes and offers a critical assessment of digital credentialing, based on a review of the recent literature and a series of interviews with key actors. The authors argue that we urgently need a vision to reach a common international approach where all aspects of a person’s learning are electronically documented, authenticated and can be accessed at any time and anywhere, shared and amended by the owner or by an authorized party.

The report can be found on UNESCO's web site: Digital Credentialing: Implications for the recognition of learning across borders. 


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