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A deep dive into governance mechanisms for interoperable digital platforms for work and learning

With the surge of technological developments, the use of digital platforms with related innovations, such as cloud computing, big data, algorithms and artificial intelligence, has been expanding rapidly in the last few years. The ability to exchange large amounts of data and information swiftly has laid the foundations for the rise of the digital economy and digital labour platforms (ILO, 2021a).

Using an exploratory research design as a set of comprehensive and conceptually integrated comparative case studies of similar digital platforms that focus on lifelong learning and the awarding of digital credentials, workplaces and the labour market, this study takes a deep dive into current governance mechanisms that exist in the work and learning space globally. The deep dive study makes a meaningful contribution to current research on governance frameworks, provides recommendations for the future planning of similar platforms and offers some key principles for the governance of digital platforms in work and learning.


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