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A Conversation with Daniel Mashilo, Senior Statistician at JET

Daniel Mashilo's journey at JET commenced in 2017, where he started as an intern in the Data unit. His dedication quickly propelled him to the role of Junior Statistician the following year. A pivotal moment occurred in 2018 when an informal discussion with the board led to the removal of the junior title from his position, and all junior titles at JET marking a significant milestone. Since then, Daniel has played a crucial role in shaping the statistical landscape of JET.

Beyond statistics, Daniel's passions extend to two diverse yet interconnected interests - sports and numbers. A huge sports enthusiast, he finds joy in discussing soccer, rugby, cricket and netball. His deep-seated love for numbers, rooted in his school days, led him to pursue a degree in computer science, majoring in mathematics and statistics. In his honours year, he solely focused on statistics. 

At JET, Daniel's primary focus is on ensuring the data is accurate, valid, complete, reliable, consistent, of good quality, and timely. The Data unit, under his leadership, uses statistical tools like STATA and R to clean and analyse primary data collected from field visits to schools. The Anglo American South Africa education programme and the completion of the Jobs Fund project stand as significant project highlights for Daniel.

The Data unit has experienced growth and strength, with Daniel recently assuming the role of leading the team. Positive feedback for Executive management is a testament to the team's effectiveness and collaboration. The Data unit's impact extends across all divisions at JET, closely working with the M&E unit, handling analysis while they focus on report writing. Daniel's role involves writing sampling designs, developing data collection instruments, and ensuring data quality.

Daniel is most proud of JET's recognition with the Investors in People awards and accreditation. The company's commitment to employee growth is evident in Daniel's personal journey, progressing from an intern to leading the Data unit. Daniel’s focus this year is working on completing his master's in statistics focusing on Extreme Value Theory in the Financial Market.

Looking forward, Daniel reflects on the effectiveness of the current  JET Infinity and Beyond strategy, especially during the challenging times of COVID. The embrace of hybrid working at JET showcased adaptability. Daniel emphasizes the importance of focusing on continuous improvement and employee growth in the upcoming strategy.

Daniel, is not only a statistical expert but also an active contributor to JET's initiatives, such as his involvement in the YUM (Young Upcoming Manager) program and the internal Employee Forum Committee reflects his commitment to employee welfare and development. Overall, Daniel is optimistic about JET's future, its commitment to excellence, and the continued growth in the education sector.


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