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New Publication: Unlocking the Power of Data

JET Education Services is proud to be launching together with The Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services Sector Education and Training Authority (MerSETA) our new publication "Unlocking the Power of Data" by Rooksana Rajab, Sebolelo Nomvete, More Manda and James Keevy.

We have the pleasure of sharing our latest publication: Unlocking the Power of Data

A review of the state of readiness of the post-school education and training sector in South Africa for enhanced data interoperability.

This is the second output of the JET/merSETA PSET CLOUD project, following after the Interoperable Data Systems publication by Kelly Shiohira and Barbara Dale-Jones published in November 2019.



What if we could better utilise the new technologies that have become so pervasive in the modern era to improve our education and skills systems in South Africa? Imagine having the potential to link the unemployed to job vacancies or even to start to develop new, just-in-time training programmes for jobs that do not yet exist. The COVID-19 pandemic has starkly illustrated the increasing need for data for smarter decision-making and for South Africa to make a transition to more data-orientated and interoperable information platforms. We now have the technology to develop self-sustaining electronic platforms for collaboration and the creation and support of lifelong learning opportunities which are dependent on the utilisation of quality data. Perhaps we find ourselves in a situation of a “datademic”, a pandemic of sorts, with data in too many places, uncoordinated and generally just not appropriately structured to be used to its fullest potential. The high levels of unemployment are accelerating due to COVID-19, and the opportunities that technological solutions present are even more important than before.

For the post-school education and training (PSET) sector in South Africa, lifelong learning is not an end but part of the journey to enabling lifelong career advancement and the realisation of citizens’ social and economic aspirations within the South African economy. The policy for PSET sets out a vision of an integrated post-school education and skills system that is intended to provide coherence and limitless opportunities among learning pathways from education to the world of work as well as from the world of work to education.


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