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UNESCO Mobile Learning Week 2019, Paris, 4-8 March: JET presents a workshop

JET will be hosting a workshop on 5 March titled: The impact of artificial intelligence on occupations: Is there a place for intermediate level occupations?

Artificial Intelligence and sustainable development is the theme of UNESCO’s Mobile Learning Week 2019.

Mobile Learning Week is an annual UNESCO event that brings together education and technology experts from around the world, providing the educational community, governments and other stakeholders a unique opportunity to discuss the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for sustainable development. 

The key issues that will be discussed during the 2019 week-long gathering include: inclusive and equitable use of AI in education; leveraging AI to enhance education and learning; promoting skills development for jobs and life in the AI era; and safeguarding transparent and auditable use of education data. 

See Mobile Learning Week 2019 for more details.