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JET's response to the proposed National Skills Development Plan (NSDP) 2030

In December, the government called for comments on the proposed NSDP which was designed to respond to the policy goals of the White Paper on Post School Education and Training to improve the integration of the PSET system and the interface between PSET institutions and the world of work (NSDP, p. 4).

The introduction to the NSDP states that "The NSDP outlines the future roles of the Sector Education and Training Authorities ( "SETAs "), the National Skills Fund ( "NSF "), the National Skills Authority (NSA), and the Quality Council for Trade and Occupations and the improvements necessary to develop more effective skills planning mechanisms; ad the roles of social partners in supporting formal skills development as part of PSET " (NSDP, p. 5).

JET agrees that an integrated PSET system in which SETAs play a crucial role is critical – the DHET should consider the opportunities and constraints of the current SETA-TVET arrangement and ensure that there is synergy between the two entities.

Read JET's submission. 

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