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JET Education Services Celebrates its 30th Anniversary

The Joint Education Trust, the forebear of JET Education Services, was set up in 1992 by a remarkable partnership of leaders from South Africa’s corporate world, major political parties, the trade unions and representative organisations of black business.

JET Education Services (JET) is pleased to announce the commemoration of its 30th anniversary in celebration of the organisation's legacy of providing thought leadership and quality services to the education sector in South Africa and on the continent. JET Board and leadership are spearheading a year-long celebration to showcase JET’s unique contribution to education research, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation and highlight its contribution to the education landscape over the past 30 years.

“The 30th year anniversary is an opportunity to catapult JET into the next 30 years through continued focus on excellence and evolution of our strategic vision,” said James Keevy, JET CEO. “This is more than a celebration of the past, it is about the JET of the future as the go-to educational research agency in South Africa and Africa.”

In 1992, JET  started its operations as the Joint Education Trust, a  non-governmental grant-making organisation providing funding to education organisations servicing disadvantaged communities. Today, the organisation has evolved into a leading education think-do-tank that sits prominently in the education landscape and has become a beacon of knowledge,  programme management and monitoring and evaluation services on the global stage. 

The celebrations commenced with a presentation on the history and development of the organisation over the past 30 years at a staff event. A series of celebratory events and publications are planned for the year.  

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