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Request for proposals to develop a brand and corporate identity as well as an advocacy and communication strategy for the establishment of the PSET CLOUD

JET and the merSETA invite well-experienced independent service providers to submit proposals in line with the Terms of Reference below.

JET Education Services (JET) and the Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services Sector Education and Training Authority (merSETA) have initiated a collaborative project that seeks to address the development of an integrated national digital ecosystem which is interoperable and can be used for effective skills planning and provisioning. The project is titled Post School Education and Training Collaboration and Learning Opportunities and Utilisation of Data (PSET CLOUD).

The purpose of the overall project is to establish an integrated digital ecosystem that will strengthen, integrate, coordinate and improve efficiencies in the governance and management of the post-school education and training (PSET) system. The main objective of the project is to ensure that data sets are interoperable, well synchronized and used effectively as sources of information for planning and improving efficiency in the PSET system.

Phase 1 of the project has been completed and involved a situational analysis of the PSET sector, a mapping study, an international review of good practice and a feasibility report. A condensed and integrated version of the reports will be released end-August 2020 and the pre-publication draft can also be made available to shortlisted service providers.  The international review report is available in the public domain and can be accessed at www.jet.org.za/resources/interoperable-data -ecosystems.pdf/view.

Phase 2 of the project commenced in 2020 with the appointment of two service providers to develop a business case and an implementation plan, and to carry out stakeholder engagement and scenario building.

The purpose of this Terms of Reference is to invite well-experienced independent service providers to submit proposals to develop a brand and corporate identity as well as an advocacy and communication strategy for the establishment of the PSET CLOUD.


This Terms of Reference calls for a focus on the following deliverables:

  1. Draft an integrated brand, advocacy and communication strategy focusing on positioning and brand architecture. Details should include but not be limited to brand strategy, communication objectives, target audiences and value proposition, key messages as well as budget, timing, rationale, deliverables, actions, next steps and an evaluation process.
  2. Develop a brand architecture and identity (including and not limited to: brand mission, vision, values, slogan/tagline, personality, value proposition, brand positioning etc.) and communication strategy considering PSET CLOUD’s mandate, stakeholders and audience.
  3. Propose a visual identity for the PSET CLOUD and create a corporate identity manual and roll out strategy.
  4. Design and layout of communication information materials such as annual report, brochures, pamphlets, digital business cards and other associated display materials.
  5. Conduct training sessions for staff and key stakeholders on the brand book and visual identity standards manual that governs the use of the PSET CLOUD’s identity and how to best project the brand, mission, vision, values and mandate across all communication channels (written, printed and digital).
  6. Create (design, develop, test and implement) a standalone website for the PSET CLOUD, including the set-up of cross browser functionality, SEO, tracking and analytics, as well as security. The site’s interoperability and capacity to link to other websites and data sets is vital. Associated social media set up and management should also be included (for example: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

Applications must describe the approach and estimated time frame of the project.

Applicants must have an established track record and must be able to demonstrate their previous experience with at least three contactable references of projects completed in the last three years.

Budgetary parameters: Proposals submitted should fall within a range of R500,000 to R750,000.

Evaluation criteria 

Criterion Weight
Capacity 10%
Mentoring and use of interns 5%
Previous experience 15%
References 10%
B-BBEE 10%
Price 10%
Proposal and Methodology 40%
Total 100%



Deadline for clarification questions is: 25 September 2020

Deadline for submission of proposals is: 09 October 2020

Evaluation of submissions will take place by: 19 October 2020

All short-listed service providers will be requested to be available to make presentations on 27 October 2020.

The project will commence on 2 November 2020 and end on 31 March 2021.

Contact details

All queries should be directed to Boitumelo Manci and must be submitted via email to boitumelo@jet.org.za .Responses will be provided via email.

Proposals should be submitted to tenders@jet.org.za. Technical and financial proposals may be combined. 

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