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The Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report is twenty years old!

It began in 2002 as the Education for All Global Monitoring Report with the aim of holding the global community to account for the commitments they made to education progress.

Over the next few months, as part of their anniversary celebrations, they will be celebrating some of the many critical contributions the report has made, marked by its editorial independence and its role as a global public good.

For over two decades, the report has informed national, regional and global debates. Drawing from the latest quantitative and qualitative evidence, 17 published reports have tracked country education development and highlighted critical challenges, becoming an invaluable part of the international education cooperation mechanism.

This anniversary celebration is also a recognition of the contributions of past and current report team members, UNESCO colleagues and partners who have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to produce what has been referred to as “required reading” for policy makers and education advocates alike. 

Download the latest GEM Reports here

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