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Education in the Kakuma Refugee Camp this World Refugee Day 2019

JET Education reflects on education in the Kakuma refugee Camp in Kenya this World Refugee Day

Today is World Refugee Day

Refugee children are more more likely to be out of school than other children. Without an education, they risk losing their futures.
Kelly Shiohira, representing JET recently visited the Kakuma refugee camp in the northwest of Kenya, which is home to roughly 186 600 refugees. Kelly reflects on education in the Kakuma Refugee Camp.
"Kakuma is an experience which opened my eyes to a context which presents a lot of new challenges in education and beyond. The scale of the problem keeps growing year on year, and there is no doubt that if we do not manage to adequately educate and employ 34 million refugee children, the next generation is going to be severely compromised."
JET calls for action that offers long term solutions and provides opportunities that help individuals thrive in the long run and education is one of them.



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