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James Keevy

Chief Executive Officer
+27 (0)87 803 0178 | james@jet.org.za

Dr James Keevy has a Doctorate in Education and is a policy researcher in the education and training sector. He was appointed to the position of JET CEO in September 2014. Prior to his appointment at JET, he was the Director for International Liaison at the South African Qualifications Authority. James is a teacher by profession, having taught at secondary school level and at a teachers’ college, which was later incorporated into Unisa. He has conducted and overseen various initiatives related to national, regional and international qualifications frameworks in Africa and further afield. His research into qualifications, the recognition of learning, and the professionalisation and migration of teachers has been published and presented widely. Since taking over at JET, he has worked to consolidate the organisation’s position as a credible collaborator supporting the improvement of the education and training system in South Africa.   His responsibilities include managing and leading the JET Education Services team and the development of the organisation’s vision, mission, visibility and overall strategic direction.

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