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Language and Literacy resources repository

Lifewide learning for early reading development

A large scale study of the influence of the home and community literacy environments in Asia and Africa that found that a modest but consistent relationship between students’ home literacy environments and reading scores, and a strong relationship between reading gains and participation in community reading activities.

Papers on the Core Academic Language Skills Instrument (CALS-I)

The Core Academic Language Skills Instrument (CALS-I) was designed by the Institute of Education Sciences of the United States Department of Education to measure high utility academic language skills hypothesized to support reading comprehension across the content areas in grades 4 through 8.

Parts, Wholes and Context in reading: a triple dissociation

Elegant research study which found that the proportion of the three components of fluent reading are 62% phonic decoding, 16% whole (high frequency) word recognition, and 22% contextual clues. Each reading process always contributes the same number of words per minute, regardless of whether the other processes are operating.

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