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Language and Literacy resources repository

Draft Knowledge and Practice Standards for primary teacher education graduates: language and literacy

These draft standards were prepared by members of the Consolidated Literacy Working Group of the Primary Teacher Education Project (PrimTEd). These have been discussed within the group, examined at a national consultation, and revised accordingly. They are now open for a further consultation and it must be emphasized that they are draft standards, standards are only truly such when they are recognized by the appropriate authority or authorities. They are standards that apply specifically to initial language and literacy teacher education with a specific focus on: • Developing new graduate teachers’ ability to teach literacy in African languages as home or additional languages, with a special focus on reading and writing; • English as a First Additional language with a special focus on reading and writing; and on using English as the medium of instruction across the curriculum • Developing new graduate teachers’ ability to teach literacy in English as a home or first additional language in multilingual contexts.

What's hot in literacy - 2020

A useful guide to what topics 1 443 “literacy experts” (mainly teachers and reading/literacy specialists in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Jamaica, Nigeria, India, South Africa and the United Kingdom) are currently most interested in and what they consider most important. Keywords: Language, Literacy, Reading

Achieving the Vision. The Final Research Report of the West Dunbartonshire Literacy Initiative

Final report of a successful project, begun in 1997, to effectively eradicate functional illiteracy among young people through a multiple-component intervention in 58 pre- and primary schools. About 3 000 children entering the schools were baseline assessed annually as were 3 000 older pupils. One main study and four supporting studies were done. In the main study, comparison of cohorts showed year-on-year gains on all tests and across all age groups, with sustained post-intervention gains in later years. In each of the four supporting studies gains were found for the experimentals, pointing to benefits in the use of synthetic versus traditional phonics, in changing attitudes to reading, in making declarations of future reading achievement and in the use of intensive individual support.

Changing how literacy is taught: evidence on synthetic phonics

This is an evaluation study of the national change in education policy in England that saw a refocusing of teaching of reading around synthetic phonics. This was a low cost intervention that went through a pilot and then a national rollout. The study shows in particular how this change helped narrow the gap between disadvantaged and other learners.

Foundation Phase Matters: Language and Learning in South African Rural Classrooms

The study looks at teacher instructional practice, learner performance outcomes, and intervention process design. It was designed to help develop an instructional toolkit for Grades R to 3 in the Eastern Cape context. The report concludes with an identification and of the binding constraints in the system and presents proposals for key interventions that could contribute to the transformation of foundation phase instructional practice on a wider system scale.

Pitfalls and possibilities in literacy research. A review of South African literacy studies, 2004-2018

This article evaluates South African research from two annotated bibliographies on reading in African languages at home language level (2004–2017) and South African research on teaching reading in English as a first additional language (2007–2018). It also aims to provide guidelines for addressing the weaknesses in this research. While this article is not intended to be a comprehensive guide, it would be useful to supervisors, postgraduate students and early career researchers currently undertaking, or planning to undertake, literacy research and to writing for publication.

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