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Edison Mazibuko

Mr Edison Mazibuko

Non-Executive Director

Board: Member

Mr Mazibuko has been appointed, he joined the JET board of directors in January 2024.

Edison Mazibuko is a seasoned technologist and cybersecurity expert, with a career spanning over a decade in the ICT sector, specialising in Cybersecurity. He has held various roles, ranging from an engineer implementing solutions to an Architect designing them. Currently, he is the Technical Director at a leading Cybersecurity firm, where he has been instrumental in both rebuilding capabilities and implementing strategic technological advancements to secure a competitive edge. His proficiency in this field was notably augmented upon achieving the TOGAF enterprise architecture designation, demonstrating his ability to develop and implement frameworks, roadmaps, and blueprints.

A strong believer in the power of transformational leadership, Edison is deeply committed to his African roots, which fuels his vision. He views Africa as an emerging global leader, propelled by its vibrant youth and rich resources. His philosophy, 'rooted in Africa with a global outlook,' reflects his dedication to advancing both local and global initiatives. This is evidenced by his involvement in transformative projects that offer the continent opportunities to harness its natural resources and embark on a sustainable energy revolution.

Embracing his passion for guiding organisations through digital transformations, Edison is a leader in integrating emerging technologies. His work in implementing advanced automation and AI-driven cybersecurity solutions exemplifies his role in addressing evolving digital threats. His engagement with cutting-edge technologies positions him at the forefront of the anticipated fourth industrial revolution, aiming to bring about widespread prosperity.

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