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Roelien Herholdt

Specialist Research Manager Assessment
+27 (0)11 403 6401 | rherholdt@jet.org.za

Roelien has been a specialist researcher in JET's Assessment Unit since 2010. She holds a masters degree in educational psychology as well as honours degrees in clinical psychology (with specialisation in cognitive psychology), sepcial educational needs and school counselling.  She has a wealth of experience in psychological and educational assessment, remedial teaching, learning support and quantitative research spanning more than 20 years. She has managed learner and/or teacher testing components in projects such as:

  • the standardisation and validation of the MARKO-D (number concept and arithmetic test for 4 to 8 year olds) for use in Afrikaans, English, isiZulu and Sesotho (2013-2016);
  • the Japanese International Cooperation Agency’s mathematical word problem project phase 1 (2012) and phase 2 (2014-2015);
  • setting of educational targets and development of a score card for affordable independent schools (2013 - current).

Roelien has managed learning support materials development for mathematics in grade 3, 6 and 9 for the UNICEF and Department of Basic Education partnership. These materials made use of error analysis of learner trepsonses to test questions.

She is a regular speaker on the subjects of assessment, early childhood development and the neuroscience of reading and mathemtics. She has published her work in several forms inclusing book chapters, test manuals, peer-reviewed journal articles, seminar and conference papers as well as learning briefs.

 Special interests:

  • Learner and teacher assessment
  • Inclusive education and barriers to learning
  • Cognitive Psychology and learning theory
  • Statistics and quantitative research
  • Error analysis