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Task Team 3: Planning and funding for 2011 and beyond

Team-specific tasks are itemised below:

  • Determine NATED 191 programmes will be offered in which colleges from 2011, and investigate support for their introduction from various sources (including supplementary funding sources, such as SETAs, NSF, UIF, industry – conceptualised as an addition to the income stream of the affected colleges).
  • Consider the implications of the above for the distribution of funds through the mechanism of the Norms and Standards document.
  • Model the consequences of the above for different colleges.
  • Establish a credible baseline for funding from the Provincial Equitable Share.
  • Work towards the finalisation of programme funding (as per the MTEF allocation) for distribution to colleges before the end of September to provide a sound basis for college-level planning.
  • Advise Task Team 5 on support for colleges with enrolment and staff planning.
  • Recommend how to fill all vacant posts urgently. (This may include seconding back staff from provincial departments of education, who can remain in the employ of the state whilst the governance/employment issue is being resolved.)
  • Advise Task Team 5 on support for colleges for improved learner recruitment and selection.
Task Team 3 Reports

Funding and Planning for 2011 and Beyond: Findings and Recommendations, 31 August 2010