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Task Team 1: Models of autonomy and legal/policy actions

Team-specific tasks are itemised below:

  • Review the governance structure of colleges to strengthen governance capacity.
  • Propose how different levels of autonomy can be implemented across the college system.
  • Address questions related to employment relationships likely to arise from a differentiated system of college governance.
  • Propose legal mechanisms to facilitate a differentiated model of autonomy.
  • Propose a management plan for the transition to a differentiated model in line with departmental and institutional capacity and readiness.
  • Ascertain whether all regulations (national and provincial) as contemplated in the FET Act are in place. Where regulations are not in place, propose ‘best practice’ for consideration by provincial MECs in their policy-making processes.
  • Finalise the timeframe and required steps for FET colleges to become an exclusive national competence.
Task Team 1 Reports

Policy, Legislation and Implementation. Recommendations, 15 September 2010