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FET Round Table Reports - Key Purposes

The intention of the DHET in presenting this working document to the Round Table is to provide a rigorous basis for debate that is informed by an analysis of the challenges in the sector. This analysis has been developed in discussion with key stakeholders and has been richly informed by these perspectives.

The Round Table has three key purposes:

  1. To identify challenges in the FET sector and to agree on what needs to be done in the immediate, medium and long term to support FET colleges to function as high quality institutions that can respond to national education and training challenges. The Round Table must identify what knowledge is needed in order to better understand the nature of these challenges, and agree on a process towards acquiring this knowledge and making sense of it.
  2. A second document to be presented at the Round Table will propose processes and work streams to address these challenges and similarly invite debate on these proposals. Principles must be established with maximum support of all stakeholders to guide this work.
  3. The Department will propose that the work needed to support these proposals will be taken forward by an inclusive high-level steering committee, supported by a technical working group, which will report back to a summit of all FET stakeholders in August 2010.