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A new book: "Technical and Vocational Teacher Education and Training in International and Development Co-Operation Models, Approaches and Trends"

Edited by Frank Bünning, Georg Spöttl, Harry Stolte, published by Springer

The chapters cover the ways in which various international organisations, donors, development banks and selected countries approach TVET and TVET teacher training.

The book presents the positions of stakeholders in relation to  TVET policies and international cooperation in TVET teacher training as well as the current status of TVET and TVET teacher training in teh selected countries, which range from developing and emerging to industrialised economies. The book is designed to foster international cooperation in the development of TVET and TVET teacher training. 

For the South African contribution see: Positioning TVET Lecturer Identities at the Centre of TVET Lecturer Education and Training in a Post-COVID-19 Context
Ronel Blom, James Keevy, Whitfield Green, Michelle Mathey, Gerda Magnus & Sello Sethusha. 


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