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Freedom Day 2020: "Build Education Back Better"
Apr 27, 2020

Freedom in education at this time in the history of our young democracy: Inequality remains pervasive in the South African education system. The COVID-19 pandemic has not only shown the fault lines, but is deepening them at an alarming rate, and in a manner that may take many more years to undo. In this contribution, based on the emerging findings from our Research Bootcamp, we talk to the need to provide basic rights, as set out in the Freedom Charter, such as health, safety and nutrition, while we cast the net wider to consider aspects of data privacy, online learning and governance.

Teaching and learning resources for use during the COVID-19 lockdown
Apr 21, 2020

The JET Researchers Bootcamp Research Thematic area 5 unlocks opportunity and mindset during the lockdown. They have compiled a list of teaching and learning materials currently available for teachers, learners, parents and caregivers in South Africa for use during and after the COVID-19 lockdown.

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