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Streaming for Collaboration

The inaugural National Association of Social Change Entities in Education (NASCEE) Conference was held on the 28 and 29th of May 2019, at the Rosebank Crowne Plaza Hotel in Johannesburg.

The conference was aimed at bringing together social change entities working in education to provide a platform for educational NGOs and NPOs to foster a collaborative structure that is aimed at addressing sectoral challenges while at the same time providing support to educational NGOs. NASCEE works towards maximising the contribution of NPOs towards the national development goals related to education.

In order to record this historical moment, JETStreamers were a part of the conference and amongst other tasks they did scribing and recording of audio during the sessions at the conference. Being part of such an endeavour enabled us to understand the South Africa’s educational sector from a broad perspective, and also the contribution and the role that the NGO sector can play to improve it. We were also exposed to the various perspectives that exist within the numerous NGOs.

The NASCEE conference experience was very stimulating as it involved exposure and a great deal of information on the education sector in South Africa, from experts in the education space such as Rev. Prof. Barney Pityana and Prof Volmink. It was an honour being a part of the conference which made us realise the importance of collaboration in order to reach our different goals as NGOs. It was a great experience as we were able to be an important part of history and network with individuals from different NGOs with the same goal. We were able to witness a major development in the history of education NGOs in South Africa.

The NASCEE election process of which JETStreamers were a part was an exceptional experience for the reason that  we were able to contribute to ensuring a credible and legitimate selection process by counting the votes and, in turn, ensuring that selection of board members was fair, and we were there to make it happen. This exposure was invigorating as it brought us closer to crafting more imaginative and equitable educational futures, where schools are, in the words of Rev. Prof. Barney Pityana, ‘places of radical freedom’. Indeed, it was an exquisite experience witnessing people and organisations coming together and committing to collaborate towards a better future in education.

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