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Theme 4: Innovation & adaptation in times of necessity - reimagining education service provision in response to COVID-19

Thematic lead: Barbara Dale-Jones
Peer Reviewer: Tara Behrend and Dierdre Williams (OSF)
Lead Organisation: Commonwealth Secretariat (ComSec)


The COVID-19 pandemic has provided a challenge to education systems globally; namely not only to ensure that teaching and learning continue in spite of the uncertainty and limitations caused by lockdown and social distancing but also simultaneously to ensure the care, safety, health and education of children along with a commitment to limiting any increase in inequality. Education service provision has been challenged swiftly to adapt and be innovative in the face of the pandemic. How learning happens has had to be reimagined. 

This research seeks to identify and describe innovative ways of delivering learning that have either (1) emerged or (2) pivoted in agile and swift ways in response to the pandemic. The aim of the research is to identify approaches where learning has occurred successfully, even if in different spaces to traditional schools. The research also seeks to identify promising models where simple, low or no cost educational solutions are showing early signs of success in reaching those learners most at risk. 

The purpose of the research is to distil an evidence base of key learnings and recommendations for policy makers from programmes and approaches that are rethinking education. 

Objectives/Key Research Questions

  • Identify and describe education or learning programmes or approaches in Commonwealth countries, delivered by both state and non-state actors, that have emerged in response to COVID-19
  • In Uganda we have seen the emergence of both technical and non technical means of education such as the use of televisions and Television sets 
  • There has also been an emergence of use of self study materials that are usually used by the learners the learners ought to pick the same from the Local council one chairman who would be termed as a chief
  • There has also been online delivery of education.
  • Identify and describe education or learning programmes or approaches in Commonwealth countries that have pivoted or been reframed in response to COVID-19
  • Identify promising models of education service provision in Commonwealth countries that are successfully offering low or no cost solutions to learners most at risk or disadvantaged
  • Investigate these models
  • Describe learnings and recommendations from these programmes

*Picture courtesy of The Commonwealth Secretariat

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