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Theme 10: Educational leadership in times of pandemics: role of school principals

Thematic lead:  Azad Oommen
Peer Reviewer: Tony Bush, Harriet Nannyonjo (World Bank) and Paul Miller (CCEAM)
Lead Organisation: Global School Leaders


School leaders play a critical role in shaping how education policies are implemented at the school level.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, school leaders have had to shut down their schools, monitor the well-being of their teachers and learners and families, transition to remote learning, and plan for the re-opening of their schools.  This research theme looks at the various aspects of the school leader’s role and will identify recommendations for policy makers on how to engage and support school leaders during the pandemic and when we emerge from it.

Objectives/Key Research Questions

  • What sorts of guidelines have governments issued for school leaders during the pandemic?
  • How have school leaders engaged their teachers and communities in planning for educational activities during and post-COVID?
  • How have school leaders addressed the mental and physical health needs of their communities during the COVID-period?

*Picture courtesy of The Commonwealth Secretariat

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