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What we do

As a non-profit public benefit organisation, JET Education Services has evolved from its beginnings as the Joint Education Trust in 1992 to meet the changing needs of South Africa’s public education sector and respond to emerging challenges.

We work for or in partnership with government, business and other development agencies who share our commitment to improving the quality of education and the relationship between education, skills development and the world of work.

Over many years in the education development sector, JET has developed a wealth of knowledge that continues to inform our work.

Our expertise lies in

  • research
  • implementation, and
  • monitoring and evaluation

These services form the JET Value Chain. JET manages all components of this value chain, offering our clients an integrated suite of services which together serve to advance improvements in education.

We also undertake specific services for clients on a stand-alone basis:

  • Researching a particular issue in education;
  • Designing and managing the implementation of a particular intervention;
  • Evaluating a programme in progress or on conclusion.

In addition, we co-create projects and programmes with our clients to attune our services to clients’ needs.

We work in six thematic areas across the schooling, technical and vocational education and training and higher education sectors:

  • Theme 1 | Early childhood development
  • Theme 2 | School improvement
  • Theme 3 | Teacher education
  • Theme 4 | Post-school education and training
  • Theme 5 | ICT in education
  • Theme 6 | Union leadership

The services we offer:

  • School improvement
  • College improvement
  • District improvement
  • Parent and community involvement
  • Research in education
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Data analysis
  • Statistical modelling
  • Assessment design
  • ICT in education
  • Large -scale project management